Transcription is the process of converting Audio to Text. The various steps in this process included

Audio/Video Listening>Typing>Proofread>Translation / Transliteration

Transcription is done by various techniques like word to word OR Summary. There may be further translation required as per particular requirement (i.e. Hindi Audio to English Text which includes both Transcription & translation).

We offer quality, accurate translation and transcription services. Transcription is the process of transcribing what is said in a business meeting, in an interview or in court. It can also be the process of turning audio or video into text to be translated.
Moraine Group transcription service expertise includes the following:
Business transcriptions (meetings, seminars, conferences)
Interview transcriptions (one-on-one, multi-speaker)
Medical transcriptions (clinical research, appointments)
Legal transcriptions (court, hearings) etc.


Rate Charge: per Audio or video minute