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Translation is a process of converting any language document to any other language (Text to Text) as per personal or professional requirement. The translation will always be done by well expert & experienced in both source & target language with document domain knowledge (i.e. Technical, Medical, Legal…)

This complete process includes of Translation>Proofreading>Typing.

We Moraine Group provides language translators for all type of documents irrespective of domain or volume including Legal, Medical, Technical, Financial, Educational, Certificates etc as per personal needs. We provide translation services in all cities in India and abroad.
We provide translation of documents across all domain & industries including Courts, Embassy, Police, Medical, Legal, Educational, Learning, Publication House, Personal etc.

Rate Charge: per word to per page


MORAINE Translator is a privately held Translation Agency based in New Delhi, India. We pride ourselves with providing class services to our customers at reasonable and competetive prices. We value our customers and their precious time and hence operate round the clock and have a perfect track record of timely delivery. We have expertise and skills to provide translations for all domains such as Financial, Legal, Medical, Marketing and Technical. We offer translation and localization services a wide array of languages such as, English, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese and many more. Our team of qualified and experienced professional translators has gained enormous domain knowledge. This enables us to provide fast and accurate services to fit all types of customers needs for from small translation project to large multi-language projects. In line with our dedication towards exceptional client service; we carefully analyze the exact need of the customers and accordingly match that with the competencies and experience our resource translator.

“MORAINE Translator is positioning itself to be a prime translations service provider to individuals, corporations and entities that function in a multi-national, multi-cultural business environment.”

Our service spectrum includes the following

  • Translation Services
  • Editing & Proofreading
  • DTP
  • Subtitling
  • Web Designing & Localization
  • Content Writing
  • Web Optimisation

The business world is increasingly becoming more and more global in its approach. Therefore, in order to facilitate better business prospective, we provide translation and interpretation services in a large number of languages. Our language translation services and language interpretation solutions cater to the requirement of a large number of organizations, helping them to interact and communicate with their business partners effectively. Additionally, we also provide our services for the various Indian languages. The various languages that we do translation and interpretation for are:

Indian Languages:

  • Assamese
  • Bengali
  • Farsi
  • Gujarati
  • Hindi
  • Content Writing
  • Marathi
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Urdu
  • Kannada
  • Kashmiri
  • Malayalam
  • Oriya
  • Punjabi
  • Sanskrit

Foreign Languages:

  • Arabic
  • Bulgarian
  • Chinese
  • Croatian
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • Greek
  • Other All Foreign Languages