Frequently Asked Questions

Moraine Group

Q: What your company does?
Q: In which Domain & Volume do you work?
Q: How do you expect the document for translation (for Client)?
Q: How we can make payment (for Client)?
Q: How we get the payment (for Translator)?
Q: Do you give advance payment?
Q: Can we translate the document through software?
Q: Can we work from home?
Q: Can we send the hard copy / Handwritten document (for translator)?
Q: Can we work from your office?
Q: Q: Are you a Govt. registered company?
Q: Are you registered with embassy?
Q: Are your document valid for Legal Purpose?
Q: What happen if there is mistake in the document?
Q: How do you ensure for translation accuracy?
Q: How much time do you take for complete translation?
Q: What amount do you charge for translation?
Q: How do you consider no. of words or Page Count?
Q: Can you send the translator to my office?
Q: Can you get my document translated in front of me or in your office only?
Q: How we get the project from your company?
Q: Are you into audio video recording?
Q: Do you provide coaching of foreign language?
Q: For how many days you keep the translated document?
Q: Can you work in coral draw or PageMaker?
Q: Are you working on Sunday?
Q: Do you collect or deliver the document to my office or home?
Q: Do you have the tie up with native translator?
Q: Will my document is confidential?
Q: Do you provide artist for voice recording?
Q: Have you worked for any Govt. agency?